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.uk – akwrfc 12 Hour Rugby – Sunday 24th August 2008 by rugbyturniere
March 28, 2008, 7:37 am
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12 Hour Rugby is a charity rugby match organised by the Altrincham Kersal Women’s Rugby Team. It has run bi-annually since 2002 and is currently in the planning stages for the 2008 event. The monies raised from the 2008 event will go to help support The Pituitary Foundation and the Breast Cancer Campaign.
How does 12 Hour Rugby Work?
In previous years 12 Hour Rugby has consisted of one single continuous women’s rugby match, running from 8am to 8pm. It used a three-team rotation system with teams changing every 1/2 hour in order to allow players some time for rest, recuperation, food and drink, and running repairs. This means each participant could play as much as 8 hours of rugby in one day. This method has worked well so far and wil be used again in 2008.
Is that all?
No! Altrincham Kersal are a fun sociable club, and if you have any energy left after all that rugby, there’s usually at least a disco put on afterwards for entertainment, and a bar to help you numb the pain.